Engineers' Garden

Engineers' Garden - Lafayette Christian School

Discovering Practical Applications to Classroom Concepts

In the Engineers’ Garden, students creatively apply math and science concepts learned through the classroom curriculum. They manipulate specialized life-sized, custom-built equipment to reinforce concepts presented on-line or in textbooks and use technology to develop engineering concepts. Through cooperation, student teams develop leadership as they discover scientific principles at work.

Kindergarten students experience the mechanical advantage of simple machines, play creatively with construction equipment, trains and building blocks. Elementary students have hands-on experiences with buoyancy, pulleys, block and tackle, inclined planes, wheel and axles, levers, gears, volume conversions, and linear, square and cubic measurement. Middle and high school students “discover” mathematical formulas that govern scientific activities. STEM experiences with gears, solar power, electricity, weather equipment, and simple machines are designed for Upper School students. Data from student-designed experiments is collected, analyzed and summarized to formulate functions. Statistical analysis is performed by advanced students.

It is during the elementary and middle school years that many children are inspired to love science for life and possibly choose it as a major or career in the future. The major investment Lafayette Christian School is making in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instruction through the Engineers’ Garden not only will help students in school but also will benefit local and national business and industry as we grow engineers.

A grant from the Callaway Foundation and the support of businesses and individuals provided funds for the Engineers’ Garden at Lafayette Christian School and makes unique STEM learning experiences available to LCS students and members of the community.

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