Elementary Program

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

At Lafayette Christian School, Kindergarten through fifth grade students are served through the Elementary School. The foundation of quality instruction in a Christian environment started in the Early Learning Center is continued. Students are challenged to think critically and solve problems while developing independence, self-confidence and self-governance. The solid spiritual, academic, social and physical education program prepares students for real life and success in higher education.


The Elementary program is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS), Advanced Ed (AdvandED), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC), and the Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission (GAPSAC).

Spiritual Development

The Bible, God’s Word to man, is integrated into all academic subjects and is the foundational guide for all “teachable moments” that occur throughout the day to help students understand and apply biblical truth to all areas of their lives. Bible lessons and prayer along with scripture memory and the positive adult Christian mentors experienced on a daily basis help children in their spiritual growth.

Elementary Program - Lafayette Christian School

Academic Development

The systematic Phonics instruction started in the Early Learning Center is developed in Kindergarten and lower elementary classes. Phonics is the basis for reading, and reading is the key to learning. As students continue reading and writing in the elementary grades, grammar instruction is emphasized to develop correctness and clarity in communication. Quality, wholesome literature is incorporated into the reading program to develop critical thinking. Reading and writing assignments help students develop a biblical world view and character. Students will check out books from the Discovery Center library and take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests in the Discovery Center technology lab.

Manipulative materials, problem solving techniques and discussion board times are used throughout the Math curriculum. A strong foundation in basic math facts with mathematical thinking skills lay the foundation for success in higher math courses

Science activities and inquiries are designed to leave students in awe of God’s creation. Elementary science knowledge flamed by curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm about science prepares the students for success in the rigorous upper school science classes. Some science activities will take place in the Discovery Center lab. Local and out-of-town field trips are used throughout the elementary program to help students grasp scientific concepts.

The Social Studies curriculum develops from local community and recent times to the global community and world history. In addition to being geographically and historically informed, students experience responsible citizenship through community service, and experience history through numerous interactive field trips.

Technology is used throughout the program for instruction. In addition, students use technology to research and gain knowledge. As students progress through the elementary program, they will also learn to use technology to make presentations and communicate with others.

Extension classes in Music, Art, and Physical Education are held each week. Through experiences guided by teachers who are certified in field, each child is afforded the opportunity to develop knowledge and their God-given talents.

Private music lessons are available for piano, strings, wind and percussion instruments.

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